Welcome to


Contractors Association of Northern Arizona


Meeting at Licanos

November 14th at 6:oo pm

Jeff Wilson from ADOSH will present:

Fall Protection


Welcome to CANA

CANA is a non-profit trade association comprised of general contractors, subcontractors, specialty contractors, material suppliers and industry service providers in Northern Arizona.

Founded in 1973, our mission is to promote the visibility of contracting as a profession. Objectives include efforts to increase public awareness regarding the importance of using a licensed contractor when their endeavors involve the building trades as well as, to educate person(s) regarding the responsibilities of licensed contractors who are legally bound to stand behind their workmanship.

CANA also offers our members an opportunity to network as well as to problem solve. Our fellowship of members creates pride within and as a result offers quality workmanship to the consumer. At the same time, safety programs have been developed and implemented with the help of State Fund which benefits not only the worker and employer, but also residential and commercial building owners.

The Contractors Association (CANA) is always striving to be current on safety issues & other building trades issues that effect our contractors. As this is a concern we had our first quarterley meeting March 6th, 2014 at Licanos, with Bill Cooper from OSHA giving a presentation on accident investigation. Bill also informed us that the federal government is trying to take over residental fall protection. This is something that we do not want to happen as state OSHA works with people if they do get a citation & the feds issue citations and you end up paying the entire fine. If you think this is something that your company might be interested in feel free to give us a call, or consider attending our next meeting, which will be posted on this sight several weeks before the event.